Teaching animation principles: vehicle animation

I’m getting my traditional animation class into animation principles with exercises in physics, gravity and timing. I want to post some of their work on the “falling leaf, twig, and log” because I think they have made great progress in a short time! But for this week, I’m looking up curriculum reference for “simple vehicle start and stop” animation. Here’s an elegant and FUN short: Nitro Warriors – A Stop Motion Animated Film.

This is going to be good reference for the assignment- can anyone help me find more reference to animate a “simple vehicle start and stop”?

Things I love about this: the minimalism (shot with a phone, wood floors) – it’s what every kid does naturally – and the ending is hilarious. (Totally like a 6-year old would do it!) It recalls the example of “visualization” from a film directing/storyboarding book I refer students to a lot. When you’re planning and storyboarding a film, think of a kid getting down on the ground with toy soldiers.

Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen

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