Summer sketchbook art

Blue roughs, inked with brush pen, touched up with whiteout.

August 2011, Yosemite national park, under Half Dome:

We biked up the trail and took a break here. They call it a lake since the river’s partly dammed with rocks and has a beach. It was mountainy-cold for swimming, and I usually don’t even like mild cold, but I tried it and spent an hour being nicely invigorated. Most of the lake was chest-deep, but some of the boulders had depth around them so you could climb on top and jump off.

June-July 2011, San Francisco, Dolores Park:

June 2011, San Francisco, a show at Brainwash Cafe & Laundromat:

June 2011, San Francisco, Wicked Grounds Cafe in SOMA (now closed), and Sugarlump Cafe in the Mission:

September 2011, traveling in Czech Republic, Prague:

Charles Bridge in Prague is a famous landmark from 1357. My girlfriend and I wandered across, looking at art and street vendor displays, and the gothic statues capping the spans. We took a break at a riverside cafe and I did the first sketch. Next we took a boat tour, and I caught thumbnail scenes as fast as I could while the boat passed by. Then there’s more thumbnails made with some difficulty on a rattly train across the Czech countryside, on the way to Munich.

October 2011, San Mateo CA, thumbnails from a Caltrain ride, and a taqueria:

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