Animation services:

  • Everything from concept to delivery
  • 2D animation (paper or Wacom)
  • Flash and After Effects
  • Storyboards, Animatics, and timing direction
  • Network of colleagues available for team work

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    Demo Reel

    My work, except:
    0:00: Paid test for The Colbert Report. I animated and made BG art, with other work by IBC Digital artists.
    0:12: Ted Fox Films logo. I animated, and subcontracted AfterEffects work to my colleague Zach Caine.
    0:45: The Gloomers web series. I animated, with BG and design by classic Hanna-Barbera artists.
    3:10: Harvard School of Medicine PSA. I animated, with BG and design by IBC Digital artists.

    Independent Films

    Pirate Scum (2010)

    A disgusting pirate named Cap’n Crusty has a crew bent on pillaging, staying up past midnight, and doing what they please. See their sinful lust explode with dirty pirate deeds!

    Pirate Scum was started for my friend’s film festival, intended to be made by a team in 21 days. That was a tall order, so I ended up spending months to make 98% of the animation myself. Collaboration included a few designs done with others, titles by Zach Caine, sound by j “fluffy” shagam, and voices by Mo Mellady (AKA the voice of “Erin Esurance”). Here’s a word doc of info for festivals.

    Pirate Scum mentioned on ASIFA-SF blog
    IMDB page

    2010-2011 screenings:
    Project 21
    Syracuse Short Film Festival
    Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
    San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival
    San Francisco Frozen Film Festival – Best Animated Shorts of 2011 program, 12 chosen from 400 submissions
    Savannah International Animation Festival
    Northwest Animation Festival – By invite after SIAF screening
    Pacific Film Archive at UC Berkeley – Bay Area Animation: 21st Century Animation program
    San Francisco Film Society: Cinema By The Bay – By invite after PFA screening

    Pacific Film Archive

    Fast Food Feast (2003)

    Everything works like clockwork at the fishburger factory, until the workers meet a mad bear…

    Fast Food Feast was started at Sheridan College, and I finished it on my own. It has flaws like stock sound I don’t like, because it used what was available, with stretching resources and chance taking (like erasing and re-using old paper, couch surfing, and borrowing facilities under the radar). It was assigned as a one minute film, so I’m happy a more ambitious result got made. I was happy when a festival put it in a “corporate america” film program. Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation came out the same year, and it’s an inspiration, even though I didn’t read it until the film was done.

    2003-2004 screenings:
    Dallas Videofest
    Kansas City Filmmaker Jubilee
    East Lansing Film Festival
    Fredrikstad Animation Festival
    Melbourne Indie Fest
    Homestead Animation Festival
    International Student Original Film Art Fest
    First Look Student Film Festival
    MEATfest (Rochester NY)
    Everson Museum (Syracuse NY)
    The Super Popular Animation Festival
    The Super Popular Animation, Art, and Rock Show

    fast food feast

    Other stuff

    (under construction)

    Storyboard art and animatics:

    Design and sketches:

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