Pirate Scum festival screening on November 4; voice talent Mo Mellady

Super cool voiceover artist and friend, Mo Mellady, has a demo page to help attract voiceover work. She performed as “Erin Esurance” in dozens of commercials for the ad campaign animated in San Francisco.

Mo did the voices in my short film from last year, Pirate Scum. Her roles were the cabin boy and the hula girls. I didn’t expect how fun and rewarding it would be to work with her. She was a total pro and put on voices I hadn’t even imagined, and brought personality that wasn’t in the written lines. She even let me pay in the form of pizza.

We recorded at the SF Mission home studio of my friend, j. “fluffy” shagam, and did pizza down the street at Zante- an indian restaurant.

Fluffy rated it this way: “Zante makes mediocre indian food, and mediocre pizza- but it’s fantastic when they put the indian food ON the pizza.”

Now that I’m getting this site more ready to share, I’ll post the film on here and Youtube soon. Meanwhile, I just added a page about it.

Before it goes on the web, it has a screening by invite of the San Francisco Film Society. It’s in the Cinema By The Bay: Baywatch! shorts program, on Friday, November 4, at 7PM, SF Film Society/New People Cinema, 1746 Post Street, San Francisco.

I’ll be at the show to talk about it. Plus, I have a free ticket for the first person to ask.

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