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Hiring animation service

For a company, please ask me to pitch my skills to you. For freelance/indie partnership, pitch me. The less established you are, the more carefully we should evaluate. Please tell me briefly:

  • Vision: What’s your goal? Is it for TV, DVD or web? Do you need rough or polished art, and do you want a certain style? Do you know your message, cause, audience, or creative ambition? What kind of success do you anticipate? Please give context and help judge how much work it will take.
  • Resources: Do you have a budget, a team, tools, or a plan to distribute?
  • Schedule: What’s the state of progress? Are there deadlines?
  • Support materials: Please share anything that shows planning and proof of concept. (For example, a website, a script, concept art, or a page on Kickstarter.)

    This will help estimate and negotiate a contract. We need to consider many dimensions (does 10 seconds of animation mean a talking head, or a crowd?) Every unique job gets custom work.

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