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A conversation about indie animation and funding

Conversation with Cory You (maker of weird electronic dance music and oddball cartoons – here’s a site for his animation.) Pounded out in 10 minutes (opinions may be relative.) Cory You: Pretty neato indie animation i found. Patrick Lake: Looks great. I have really been digging this one, too. Cory You: Since large studios have long ago left behind 2d in favor of the glut of talking... read more

Post-christmas pile of silly stuff

I made a bunch of notes for posts that don’t amount to much on their own, so here’s a pile of them. Yay! It’s been an intense December at my magical book and animation cave. Many records were broken with books flying out the door. This month’s gross sales matched what I sold in my first 2-3 years in business. I can’t wait to slow down and catch my breath. Also flying out... read more

Here’s 2 of my animated films, just posted

Pirate Scum (2010) and Fast Food Feast (2003) were just recently posted for my Portfolio page. Read about how I made them, and what festivals they showed in. Marvel at thousands of hours of work distilled into 8-10 minutes of obsessively polished hand-drawn cartoons. Let your imagination get inspired… to wonder what I could have accomplished, if I had gone to school for rocket surgery instead of... read more

Pirate Scum festival screening on November 4; voice talent Mo Mellady

Super cool voiceover artist and friend, Mo Mellady, has a demo page to help attract voiceover work. She performed as “Erin Esurance” in dozens of commercials for the ad campaign animated in San Francisco. Mo did the voices in my short film from last year, Pirate Scum. Her roles were the cabin boy and the hula girls. I didn’t expect how fun and rewarding it would be to work with her. ... read more

At the Animation Show of Shows, I asked amazing animators about their next films

Watch this: Tonight I went to The 13th annual Animation Show of Shows, a program of short animation from around the world (including a lot of likely oscar winners). It tours around with it’s host, Ron Diamond (on facebook.) This was a members-only event by ASIFA, the animator’s association, thanks to it’s generous organizer, Karl Cohen. Members-only means: if you pony up a measly $25... read more