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Teaching animation principles: vehicle animation

I’m getting my traditional animation class into animation principles with exercises in physics, gravity and timing. I want to post some of their work on the “falling leaf, twig, and log” because I think they have made great progress in a short time! But for this week, I’m looking up curriculum reference for “simple vehicle start and stop” animation. Here’s an... read more

Post-christmas pile of silly stuff

I made a bunch of notes for posts that don’t amount to much on their own, so here’s a pile of them. Yay! It’s been an intense December at my magical book and animation cave. Many records were broken with books flying out the door. This month’s gross sales matched what I sold in my first 2-3 years in business. I can’t wait to slow down and catch my breath. Also flying out... read more

Photo history: two books from Dr. Stanley Burns

Dr. Burns just sent me a great review in the New York Review of Books for his new title, Shooting Soldiers: Civil War Medical Photography By R.b. Bontecou. This is the first publication of these civil war photos that link art, photographic, medical and military history. It’s available on my store, and from the Burns Archive Press. I also just added a previous Burns Archive book; Sleeping Beauty... read more

Making connections and cross pollination

. Connecting different activities helps them cross pollinate. For this theme, here’s a busy bee I drew for a Zoetrope workshop at the Museum of Children’s Art. Yesterday I went to the Super Tuesday Party, which meets every 4th tuesday, and floats from house to house. (Here’s one party I hosted.) The mastermind is my friend, business mentor, and man of action, Dave Doolin (AKA Dr.... read more

Art Photo books, and the underrated photographer Jason Eskenazi

Find Jason’s great, rare book on Amazon: Wonderland: A Fairytale of the Soviet Monolith Art photography is a specialty I’m just lightly familiar with.  I know more about the basic craft of composing shots for storyboards I’ve done for TV shows.  This is a tracking shot, this is a match cut, etc. When my friend Beth tells me about achieving a unique look in her home dark room, using a unique... read more