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Sketches from this month’s trip to Costa Rica

Spent the month in Costa Rica – here’s a bunch of casual sketches mostly roughed out in a moving car then inked later. Destinations: San Jose Jaco Quepos Puerto Jimenez Corcovado Park ... read more

Road trip sketches

Train rides make a good opportunity to read or be productive while traveling. Planes and buses are OK too. Sketching is a good way to use this time. Changing scenery stimulates ability to visualize, and works out your drawing chops. Drawing as a passenger in a moving car doesn’t seem like a common activity though. It takes stamina to resist motion sickness (don’t do it in the back seat or... read more

Here’s 2 of my animated films, just posted

Pirate Scum (2010) and Fast Food Feast (2003) were just recently posted for my Portfolio page. Read about how I made them, and what festivals they showed in. Marvel at thousands of hours of work distilled into 8-10 minutes of obsessively polished hand-drawn cartoons. Let your imagination get inspired… to wonder what I could have accomplished, if I had gone to school for rocket surgery instead of... read more

Summer sketchbook art

Blue roughs, inked with brush pen, touched up with whiteout. August 2011, Yosemite national park, under Half Dome: We biked up the trail and took a break here. They call it a lake since the river’s partly dammed with rocks and has a beach. It was mountainy-cold for swimming, and I usually don’t even like mild cold, but I tried it and spent an hour being nicely invigorated. Most of the lake... read more