What’s more risky for accidents… walking, biking, or driving?

Yet another post for health and creativity. This came up while talking at my book and animation cave today: Road accidents kill a LOT of people. Driving is dangerous. Flying is comparatively very safe. I don’t think people often think about the safety of just walking some place, but it matters… imagine being hit by a car while walking, and you don’t have any airbags. If you drive,... read more

A Night Owl’s manifesto

(Another piece of my thoughts about health habits and creativity.) Do you work late at night? Many creative people do their best work while everyone else sleeps. Swizec Teller, author of Why Programmers Work at Night, explains why some people focus better on “the maker’s schedule”: Working on large abstract systems involves fitting the whole thing into your mind – somebody once likened... read more

6 things I learned by Juice Fasting

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary that changes people’s lives. I recommend it for a cool story, even if you don’t need to change yours. (It also has good cartoony Flash animation by NYC studio Flickerlab.) Health is a big issue for self employed and creative people. They may lack steady income or benefits, and spend long times staring at a screen or hunched over a desk. ... read more

Casual overview of Flash – 2D animation

This is some introductory class curriculum I threw together. Casual overview of Flash – from a traditionally trained 2D animator, and user of Flash for an efficient home studio. (Not a web developer.) Flash was originally developed to author web content, such as websites with interactivity. Animated ads embedded in your browser may be the most common examples of it you see today. “Flash” may refer... read more

A conversation about indie animation and funding

Conversation with Cory You (maker of weird electronic dance music and oddball cartoons – here’s a site for his animation.) Pounded out in 10 minutes (opinions may be relative.) Cory You: Pretty neato indie animation i found. Patrick Lake: Looks great. I have really been digging this one, too. Cory You: Since large studios have long ago left behind 2d in favor of the glut of talking... read more

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