Here’s 2 of my animated films, just posted

Pirate Scum (2010) and Fast Food Feast (2003) were just recently posted for my Portfolio page.

Read about how I made them, and what festivals they showed in. Marvel at thousands of hours of work distilled into 8-10 minutes of obsessively polished hand-drawn cartoons. Let your imagination get inspired… to wonder what I could have accomplished, if I had gone to school for rocket surgery instead of cartoon school.

Short animated film makers almost never make a living at it. Those Bill Plymptons can be counted on one hand. However it’s the most important place where individual animators get personal voices, in a time-consuming medium that’s collaborative by necessity. That makes it rare for an individual voice to break out from decision-by-committee business. So, it’s important to make shorts, no matter how slim the chances of earning more than they cost. Finishing one feels like a hell of a struggle and a privilege. It feels like it should take a lot of them, to really figure out how they should work, and I have a lot more to do before mine get better.

This is an old one I haven’t posted before. As mentioned on the Portfolio, I hate the music (it’s what I had access to), and I would probably approach the idea in a totally different way, if I could make it now.

Soon, I’ll make a post about how I helped make a Zoetrope workshop for kids, at the Museum of Children’s Art. Here’s a quick sample, drawn straight ahead with a sharpie on a 33″ strip (by eye, without matching drawings.)


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  1. Kathy says:

    I am enjoying this, Pat. Is that your colored animation in the middle of the page…the hamburger and the soda? The Zoetrope is fun! Thanks for sharing.

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