Sketches from this month’s trip to Costa Rica

Spent the month in Costa Rica – here’s a bunch of casual sketches mostly roughed out in a moving car then inked later. Destinations: San Jose Jaco Quepos Puerto Jimenez Corcovado Park ... read more

Road trip sketches

Train rides make a good opportunity to read or be productive while traveling. Planes and buses are OK too. Sketching is a good way to use this time. Changing scenery stimulates ability to visualize, and works out your drawing chops. Drawing as a passenger in a moving car doesn’t seem like a common activity though. It takes stamina to resist motion sickness (don’t do it in the back seat or... read more

Call for Proposals: Society for Animation Studies Conference 2014

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: DECEMBER 18 The 26th Society for Animation Studies Conference: June 16-19, 2014, Toronto Canada – at Sheridan College The Society for Animation Studies invites submissions of proposals on a wide range of animation topics for papers, micro-talks, and posters. Crossover events are planned with TAAFI (Toronto Animated Arts Film International.) Membership in the Society for Animation... read more

My video about Raku ceramics

Enjoy this video I had fun... read more

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