Road trip sketches

Train rides make a good opportunity to read or be productive while traveling. Planes and buses are OK too. Sketching is a good way to use this time. Changing scenery stimulates ability to visualize, and works out your drawing chops. Drawing as a passenger in a moving car doesn’t seem like a common activity though. It takes stamina to resist motion sickness (don’t do it in the back seat or... read more

Call for Proposals: Society for Animation Studies Conference 2014

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: DECEMBER 18 The 26th Society for Animation Studies Conference: June 16-19, 2014, Toronto Canada – at Sheridan College The Society for Animation Studies invites submissions of proposals on a wide range of animation topics for papers, micro-talks, and posters. Crossover events are planned with TAAFI (Toronto Animated Arts Film International.) Membership in the Society for Animation... read more

My video about Raku ceramics

At The Goblinarium, we have a blog post from Brandy about her process for making Raku ceramics. She makes the creatures I animate for our iPad project. Read more here, or enjoy this video I had fun... read more

Teaching animation principles: vehicle animation

I’m getting my traditional animation class into animation principles with exercises in physics, gravity and timing. I want to post some of their work on the “falling leaf, twig, and log” because I think they have made great progress in a short time! But for this week, I’m looking up curriculum reference for “simple vehicle start and stop” animation. Here’s an... read more

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